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Misca’s Story of Hope
As a huge animal lover and vegetarian I want to share my story to help as many pet owners as possible.

We are blessed to have the most adorable cat, Misca who means the world to us! She adopted us midnight December 31 1999 - our millennium gift! We have always had dogs and Misca is our first cat. Misca has Hyperthyroidism / kidney failure, a slight heart condition and hypertension. It is a complex condition which is rare in this country.

When Misca was first diagnosed, we went through a nightmare with her because with this condition they suffer from nausea,tummy problems and diarrhoea and also they can have side-effects from the drug used to treat the condition - Neomercazole - Misca suffers from periodic sore throats from this drug. At the start of her treatment, Misca did not eat for eight days. I had to feed her with syringe and she could not even go down to drink water because of severe abdominal pains - this persisted until I started her on homeopathy.

Let me first explain:- Always take your pets for regular check-ups - I cannot stress it enough just how important this is - the
earlier the condition is diagnosed the better the prognosis - you will save yourself a lot of heartache - don’t wait until they experience problems. See a good vet that you can trust and have a good relationship with. Ask the vet to do a profile on your pet and once you have a diagnosis and your vet has prescribed medication - read up as much as you can about the condition so that you can be well-informed. Besides homoeopathy I strongly believe in using supplements. I would also suggest that you make an appointment with Dr Jane Fraser - a registered homeopathic vet. I honestly feel that conventional vets should work together with Dr Jane Fraser for the benefit of the animal and their owners.
This I have proved in my own life. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without homoeopathy. When Misca starts experiencing a problem - such as a sore throat or tummy problem I start administering the homoeopathic remedies prescribed and within a day she starts to improve! I feel that conventional and alternative medicines should complement each other and this is the medicine of thefuture.

My heart goes out to anyone who is nursing a loved one - I know how heartbreaking it is!